Stockbroker in Control

The Key Individual Role of the Stockbroker in Control


The aim of this course is to provide individuals interested in becoming a Stockbroker in Control with the structure, methodology and scope that this key individual (KI) will require. KIs are those responsible for managing and overseeing the activities relating to the rendering of any financial service. Managing means to have executive control or authority and overseeing is the function of supervising a person/s and their work in an official capacity. Where stockbroking firms are concerned, stakeholders reply on the fact that a competent key individual is assuming responsibility for the overall risk management and compliance.

The Stockbroker in Control is the coordinating and consolidating KI between firms’ external and internal stakeholders. They preform a key pivotal role of protecting the market and the firm.

The objectives of this course are to:

  • Explain what is a Stockbroker;
  • Explain the legislative construct of a Stockbroker;
  • Explain the rationale for the Key Individual Stockbroker in Control;
  • Explain the role of the Stockbroker in Control as a key individual;
  • Explain the role of the SAIS;
  • Explain what is means to be the Person in Control;
  • Explain when a Stockbroker in Control is required;
  • Discuss the duties of a Stockbroker in Control; and
  • Provide specific roles and responsibilities of the Stockbroker in Control.
  • Criteria

    This course will only be available to SAIS members in good standing, i.e.
    - Holds the CSb(SA) designation
    - Is up-to-date with their SAIS membership fees
    - Is compliant with the SAIS CPD requirement


    The cost of the course is R6300.00 (incl. VAT).
    Corporate members will receive a 10% discount if paying on behalf of their employee.

    Course Timetable

    1 June 2020Registration period opens (Click here to register...)
    15 June 2020Registration period closes
    15 June 2020Course material is released
    30 June 2020Lecture 1 (3 hours)
    Chapters 1 – 6
    Conducted via Skype
    14 July 2020Lecture 2 (3 hours)
    Chapters 7 – 13
    Conducted via Skype
    17 July 2020Assignment is released
    21 July 2020 Q&A session (3 hours)
    Conducted via Skype
    24 July 2020Assignment is due for submission