Stockbroker Examinations

In light of recent developments with respect to COVID-19, including measures that the South African Government announced on 23 March 2020, the SAIS has taken a decision to postpone the Legislation exam to September 2020.

The Stockbroker Examinations for 2020 will be held as follows:

Exam 1st Semester
Applications open: 4 December 2019
Applications close: 6 March 2020
2nd Semester
Applications open: 4 May 2020
Applications close: 21 August 2020
Legislation 6th April 2020
September 2020 (Date tbc)
Finance 1st June 2020 2nd November 2020
Rules Part 1 8th June 2020 N/A
Rules Part 2 N/A 9th November 2020
Investment Advice and Portfolio Management 22nd June 2020 16th November 2020
Taxation 29th June 2020 23rd November 2020

Please note that Rules Part 2 is not available in the 1st semester

  • The examinations are held in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town.
  • The times and venues will be confirmed to registered candidates.
  • If candidates have not received their registration confirmation, at least a week before the exam, they must contact SAIS.
  • Access to course materials is granted only once full payment has been made.
  • Important Notice

    • Owing to the vast amounts of knowledge and application required in the frequently-changing legislative landscape, the Rules curriculum has been split into 3 parts:
      1. Legislation: originally this has been part of the Rules Part 1 course. It has now been separated into a stand-alone course and will kick off each year and focus entirely on the legislative landscape, including FMA, FAIS, FICA, POPI, FATCA, AML, etc. This course will be 7 weeks long and will culminate in an open-book exam in April.
      2. Rules Part 1: the lectures for this content will begin straight after the Legislation subjects have concluded, and will culminate in a closed book exam in June.
      3. Rules Part 2: the lectures for this content will begin in July, and will culminate in a closed book exam in November.
    • Please note that there are no overlaps in content between Legislation, Rules Part 1 and Rules Part 2. For this reason, you can write them in any order (eg. you do not need to pass Part 1 to write Part 2). However, the exams for each of these 3 courses are written once a year only (not twice a year anymore).
    • Although it is not a requirement, we highly recommend that you complete Legislation first, as this will provide the bigger picture for you and a solid foundation from which to build for Rules Part 1 and Rules Part 2.

    Online registrations for the first semester have closed

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  • The final date for first semester registration for Legislation is Friday 24th January 2020. Full payment must be received by this date.
  • The final date for first semester registration for Finance, Investment Advice & Portfolio Management, Taxation and Rules Part 1 is Friday 6th March 2020. Full payment must be received by this date.
  • Candidates who have registered and cannot make the exam date will forfeit their exam fee and will have to register for the next exam session. No exceptions will be considered.

    Course and Exam Fee (including VAT)
    Legislation R2,000
    Finance R6,300
    Investment Advice & Portfolio Management R6,300
    Taxation R6,300
    Rules Part 1 R5,200
    Rules Part 2 R6,300

    * Exemption Application Fee - R 1 500.00 (including VAT).