From the FIC

The Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) is calling for comments from accountable institutions, reporting institutions, supervisory bodies and other persons on the draft Public Compliance Communication 12A (draft PCC 12A). Please read the Consultation Note published by the FIC here.
The draft PCC12A is an update to the existing Public Compliance Communication 12. The draft PCC 12A provides guidance and clarity on what compliance activities can be outsourced by an accountable institution to third parties.
Comments on the draft PCC 12A should be submitted to SAIS by 31 July 2020, in the following format, to enable us to send a consolidated market response to National Treasury by the 05 August 2020.





Reminder - SAIS CPD

CPD Cycle changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic
The SAIS 2019/2020 CPD cycle has been extended to 31 August 2020.  The 2020/2021 CPD cycle will run from 1 September 2020 to 31 May 2021 and CPD hours will be calculated on 9 months instead of 12. The 30 hour CPD requirement will be pro-rated for the 2020/21 CPD year only, resulting in a total CPD hour requirement of 22 hours for the 2020/21 CPD year. This means that any CPD hours logged as completed between 1 June and 31 August 2020 will be allocated to the 2019/2020 CPD cycle.

SAIS CPD Offering
We recently launched the FICA CPD course through the SAIS learning platform. This course is worth 2 CPD hours.

The following topics are still available:

These are all verifiable CPD courses that include short question assessments.