Employers may enter existing employees into the learnership or recruit learners specifically for the learnership. Such new recruits are regarded as “unemployed”.

The learning pathways that learners can follow are illustrated in the figure below.

Pathway – Employed

The first pathway allows for learners who are already employed. If the employer wants to put its employees on the learnership, it has to apply to SAIS for approval as a workplace provider.

The learner then enrols at an accredited SDP and the employer and learner enter into a learnership agreement. The learner continues to work and study.

Once the learner has completed the knowledge, practical skills and workplace components of the curriculum, he/she applies to SAIS to write the EISA. After successful completion of the EISA, the learner may apply to SAIS to become an associate member with a designation.

Pathway – Not employed –
​(Graduate Recruits)

The second pathway allows for SAIS approved employers to recruit new graduates (who are not yet employed) into the learning programme.​

The learner then enrols with an accredited SDP and the employer and the learner enter into a learnership agreement. At the same time the learner and employer enter into a fixed term employment contract.

​The learner simultaneously completes the knowledge and skills components of the programme at the SDP and the work component at the employer. Once all the components are successfully completed the learner applies to SAIS for the EISA and follows the same route as described above.

Pathway – Not employed

The third option allows for learners to enrol directly at an accredited SDP. This option is specifically relevant to learners who cannot find an employer, but still want to enter this learning programme. The workplace component of the learning programme is then completed after the completion of the knowledge and practical skills components. ​

Learners must be aware that they can only apply for the EISA in order to obtain the occupational certificate once they have completed all the qualification components including the workplace component.

Employment at a SAIS approved workplace for a minimum period of 6 months is therefore essential.