Members of the Institute are required to undergo the minimum CPD hours per year as specified for their specific designation. Members are also responsible to record and report on their CPD in order to remain in good standing with the Institute and to retain their designations. The recorded CPD should comply with the minimum requirements for each designation.

Stockbrokers are required to complete 30 CPD hours per year and Financial Markets Practitioners have to complete 20 hours per year.

Download the SAIS CPD Guideline Document

Recording of CPD

In order to provide its members with an on-line CPD platform and access to local as well as international material, SAIS has partnered with the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments (CISI). Through this partnership SAIS members have access to a joint SAIS-CISI portal where they can access international (CISI) as well as local (SAIS) CPD material. The reporting of CPD on this portal is mandatory for all SAIS members. SAIS members are required to set up their own profiles on the portal and to monitor and manage their own CPD logs. Courses done on the portal will be automatically recorded in the CPD log. Any other CPD events/activities have to be recorded manually in the log. Members have to ensure that they log the required number of hours before the end of each CPD year.

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Accreditation of CPD providers and courses

CPD providers who want their courses accredited by SAIS are required to send an email to